If you've found yourself in a cinema with loud, disruptive teenagers and it's ruined your cinemagoing experience, this story is for you.

Kyesha Smith Wood dropped her two daughters and her son off at a local cinema for a screening of Disney's Cinderella in Alabama.

When she returned to pick them up, Kyesha learned that her two daughters had been rude and obnoxious throughout the screening, including ruining it for one particular cinema patron and her child.

As the story goes, the patron asked both of them to be quiet during the screening, which they refused. Afterwards, the patron told the two daughters that her husband had been laid off and that this screening was the last time she'd be able to afford to bring her child to the cinema.

The mother of the two daughters learned of this and took to Facebook to rectify the situation.

Here's her post.


The story went viral across Facebook and it looks like the patron has been in contact with her.

That's parenting done right, folks.


Via Facebook