In December, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock raised a lot of eyebrows when he posted a lengthy statement to Twitter confessing that he was guilty of both sexual harassment and marital infidelity.

The Super-Size Me director wrote "As I sit around watching hero after hero, man after man, fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder “who will be next?” I wonder, “when will they come for me?””

Well, it looks like his wait is over - but perhaps not in the way he might have thought.

Spurlock is being sued by film company Turner Entertainment Networks (TEN), who claim that his Twitter statement and admission of guilt put paid to a project called 'Who Rules the World?' about women's issues that they had been developing with him. The series was set to focus on the "most divisive and complicated issues facing women today."

In his post, Spurlock had admitted that he had been forced to pay a settlement to a woman who once worked at his office, as well as detailing a sexual encounter that took place in college which he thought was consensual but the woman believed was rape. He said at the time that he was "seeking help,"

TEN say that their requests to have funds that were transferred to his former production company Warrior Poets returned have been met with "radio silence" and asked the judge to put an injunction on the company's bank account to freeze the funds.

Their laywer Neal Levin wrote: “Under information and belief, due to Spurlock’s Twitter confession and the resulting fall-out from the admissions, Warrior Poets is having serious internal problems and may not have the funds to compensate TEN for the breach of contract."

Spurlock has not yet commented on the matter.