Hurray for Monty Python fans. Graham Chapman might not be there in person anymore but that doesn't mean he's not still part of the troupe. Rumour has it John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam are reuniting for a 3D animated version of late Python member Chapman's memoir. According to the New York Times, the members of the best loved comedy troupe will be adding voice over to the late Chapman's taped recording of A Liar's Autobiography: Volume VI.

In an interview with The New York Times, Terry Jones the movie will be altogether different from other films of the same genre. He says, there's "nothing" true about it and "it's all a downright, absolute, blackguardly lie".

Chapman died of cancer in 1989 and his death ruled out any possobility of a full reunion of the Monty Python comedy troupe, until now. Coming back with what the New York Times describes as 'the next best thing',  A Liars Autobiography will have 15 segments, animated in different ways to resemble the wacky Python aesthetic. Most or all of the surviving Python members will perform roles that are cut together with Chapman’s voice from the taped reading he made just before he died.

Gilliam is to take on the voice of Chapman's mother, while Palin will be playing the father in the 3D film.

In other Monty Python news, according to Digital Spy, BBC 4 commissioned a comedy last week that will focus on the controversy created by the Pythons' Life of Brian film.

Caroline Foran