In a brilliant match of director and material, Monsters writer/director Gareth Edwards has signed on to direct the big screen reboot of Godzilla, according to The Hollywood Reporters Heat Vision Blog.

Some of you might recall a film version in the late 90s that was pretty crap, but a bit too derided in critical circles. It came from the wham bam blockbuster team of producer Dean Devlin and helmer Roland Emmerich, who were hot off Independence Day. This version will obviously be a slightly more delicate affair, with Edwards himself rewriting a script from Expendables writer, David Callaham (I know, thank god for that).

The film is being produced by Legendary Pictures, the chaps behind 300, Superman and Chris Nolan's Batman films. This could be absolutely brilliant - Monsters is a cracking film. Fingers crossed it all moves quickly enough anyway.