Paul WS Anderson is known primarily for two things in his movies.

One is taking on gaming adaptations when history has repeatedly proven that they're not that good. The other is casting his wife, Milla Jovovich, in all of them. Bad and all as his movies are, you kind of have to respect that level of commitment to a bit.

So it goes with 'Monster Hunter', adapted from the franchise of the same name, and starring - you guessed it - Milla Jovovich. The movie sees a group of US soldiers suddenly transported to a strange world where giant monsters are everywhere, and hunters hunt said giant monsters.

If it seems kind of silly, then yes, that's exactly what it is - kind of silly. Milla Jovovich has a proven track record with action roles, and looks as comfortable as ever throwing herself over Humvees, firing off rocket launchers, and running straight at CGI dragons and the like.

As for plot, well, you're getting 90% of it in the trailer - terrible dialogue and all - so why bother even trying to understand the deep lore and character dynamics of the franchise it's based on?

'Monster Hunter' arrives in cinemas on December 30th. In the meantime, here's the trailer.