Early word on blockbuster sequel Terminator Salvation is extremely mixed. The film opens this weekend in America, and the critical response there stands at a lowly 33% approval rating, according to Rotten Tomatoes. The online response in particular has been decidedly mixed, with Aintitcool head-honcho Harry Knowles going on a rant about how much he hated the film, while a lot of his writers disagreed and admitted to enjoying the action at least. Empire Magazine have given it four stars, as have Total Film, and those two would probably be the most well respected film bibles on this side of the pond. The film screened here on Wednesday,  and both our editor Sheena McGinley and other film reviewer Gavin Burke uttered a respective "meh" when asked about the big budget flick. I'm seeing it on Monday morning, and will be reviewing it for the site sharpish there after. Out of four blockbusters released so far this summer, Star Trek is still the only one to really hit home with both critics and audiences.