To be honset I'd given up watching E4's Misfits ever since Robert Sheehan left the series. That being said, the news of a potential movie adaptation has piqued my interest somewhat. The show's creator Howard Overman has just revealed he's in the middle of putting pen to paper on a film vesrion.

Whilst chatting on the Panel Borders podcast, Overman even hinted at the fact that the original characters may well return.

"I've written the first draft of the script and we'll see what happens... If it happens, it will involve past and present characters, I'm not allowed to give away anything more than that... Whether or not you've completely seen the end of Simon (Iwan Rheon) and Alisha (Antonia Thomas), if our movie has its way, is another issue."

As for Sheehan? We'll have to wait and see.