It started off as a joke of a rumour, but it looks like there's more names being attached to Gary Ross' all-woman Ocean's 11 sequel.

As we reported, Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly closing signing on to the film with Sandra Bullock leading the pack as - get this - George Clooney's sister. Who, we might add, MUST be called Danielle Ocean. If she's not, we riot. On the streets. There'll be looting and everything.

Just last night, a report surfaced online that has Mindy Kaling, Elizabeth Banks and Helena Bonham-Carter signed on to join the crew of con artists. As well as this, a plot treatment has leaked online which sees the team of women plotting to steal a priceless necklace during the annual Met Ball so that they can frame a villainous gallery owner. There's even a working title, too - Ocean's Ocho.

Gary Ross, who previously directed The Hunger Games and worked with Steven Soderbergh in the past, is taking on the role of director here, so that's a safe pair of hands at the wheel.

So, thoughts overall? It's a solid cast, to say the least. Cate Blanchett has also signed up for an undisclosed role and she can be hilarious when she wants to be. Sandra Bullock has enough charisma and star-power to be convincing as the leader of the pack and Mindy Kaling, Elizabeth Banks and Helena Bonham-Carter in supporting roles sounds pretty perfect. In short, it's a strong cast and the premise looks solid.

Gary Ross is a strong director who's worked under Steven Soderbergh, so it's not going to be too far removed from the original - but different enough so that it doesn't seem like another lazy reboot. What's odd about all this, however, is that there hasn't been a peep or a whisper of confirmation from anything even resembling official channels.

None of the actors involved, be it Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett or even Gary Ross, have talked about the film near a microphone. Is this just all some gigantic hoax? Why aren't we hearing anything even remotely official on it yet? We reported on J-Law's possible casting just under a month ago and there's been no word that the film is even happening since then.

What gives? Maybe it's all part of the elaborate heist. Boom.


Via Showbiz411