Winner, Premio CGS Award for originality and creativity in storytelling, Giffoni Film Festival

Ten-year-old Milo has everything going for him. A quiet, intelligent boy with a passion for photography, he lives in conspicuous comfort in the Dublin suburbs with his Irish father and Romanian mother. But Milo has a rare and mysterious skin condition that requires constant care and his overbearing father, determined to keep his condition a secret, keeps him cloistered to the point of imprisonment in his own home. Desperate to escape the confines of his life, Milo runs away, falling in with a pair of small-time crooks squatting in a disused quarry. But as his parents begin their frantic search, and the thieves try to work out what to do with him, Milo slowly learns the real truth about his mysterious condition.

Writer/directors Roel and Berend Boorsma’s first feature is a thoughtful, sensitive study of a young boy’s search for identity that eschews cheap climaxes in favour of digging deep into a compelling set of characters. Newcomer Lorcan Bonner excels as Milo, a young boy on the cusp of self-awareness, while Stuart Graham (Shadow Dancer, Hunger) gives a powerful performance as his father, a softly-spoken bully caught between love and revulsion.

Alistair Daniel, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival