Well The Cat in the Hat will probably go down as one of Mike Myers’ worst films, and from the sounds of this, things went badly off camera as well.

Actress Amy Hill, whose variety of roles have spanned film (50 First Dates, Lilo & Stitch) and TV (UnREAL, The Great Indoors), worked with the Austin Powers and Wayne’s World star on the Dr Seuss adaptation. She played babysitter Mrs. Kwan, who naps while the kids run around with the Cat.

Hill said that she didn’t think he’d remember her today, and described him as ‘a little hermit.’ She said: ‘He would come in and, I guess, be in hair and makeup. We would wait. I’d be there at the crack of dawn, waiting. We would all be waiting for Mike Myers to come.

‘It was just the worst. It was like I was there forever, and my daughter was 2 and a half and I felt like I was missing her first everything. I was miserable. I just thought it was really rude for him to not take all of us into consideration.’

She went on to explain how the director, Bo Welch, was‘ lovely’ but lacked confidence in his directorial debut and ‘deferred to Mike so much.’ She explained: ‘Mike would do a take, and then he’d go over and look at the monitors, and then he’d talk to the director and then we’d do another take.

‘It was just a horrible, nightmarish experience. I don’t think he got to know anybody. He’d just be with his people and walk away... There was a guy who held his chocolates in a little Tupperware. Whenever he needed chocolate, he’d come running over and give him a chocolate. That’s what divas are like, I guess. Or people who need therapy.’ Owch.


Via A.V. Club