Michael Moore may have made his last documentary. The Oscar-winning filmmaker has been making documentaries for television and cinema for the best part of 20 years but Moore has said that it may be time to focus his time on fiction for once. Moore is responsible for the highest grossing documentary of all time (Fahrenheit 9/11) and three more of his films sit comfortably in the top 15 highest grossing non-fiction movies in history. His next doc, Capatalism: A Love Story, is due for release in October. Has Moore achieved everything he can in the world of documentaries? He was quoted as saying "while I've been making this film I've been thinking that maybe this will be my last documentary. Or maybe for a while… I have been working on two screenplays over the last couple of years. One's a comedy, one's a mystery and I really want to do this."

-John Balfe