Michael Moore has created some of the most provocative and talked-about documentaries in recent years, including Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling For Columbine.

The years haven't really diminished any of his sharpness and his latest target is one that's been known for making venomous attacks on everyone from women and Hillary Clinton to Mexicans and immigrants. Michael Moore In TrumpLand focuses on - you guessed it - Donald Trump and his unholy rise from reality TV star to the Republican nominee for President of the United States.

Moore more or less kept the film a secret from just about everyone, never officially announcing it until it was due to be screened at New York Film Festival.

The documentary, according to the official press statement, promises to dive "right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election." The film is a version of Moore's one-man play, in which he effectively skewers Trump and his rhetoric with his usual brand of humour and insight.

The film is due for a small release in the US from today, but it's unclear if the film will reach our shores any time soon.


Via Time