Michael Fassbender has addressed rumours that he may replace Daniel Craig as James Bond after the English actor steps down from the iconic role.

The Killarney native spoke to Total Film about the franchise and said, "I think Daniel is doing a great job and I don't think too far into the future. It's one step at a time right now." Very respectful answer from one of our finest exports. He did however add when asked if he ever thought about playing the part, "Of course, every guy knows the feeling of walking round the house singing the song to himself, walking around corners with an imaginary gun," he explained. "Let's see what happens."

It's complete and utter hearsay at the moment, and Daniel Craig is a genuinely fantastic James Bond - one of the best. But if and when he does decide to move on, there is no doubting that Fassbender would be the absolute perfect choice for the role. As he said... we'll see.