Michael Fassbender could not get any *goes into Mugatu mode* hotter right now, with praised work in X-Men: First Class, Shame and A Dangerous Method this year alone. The Killarney native (I said Dingle in my Shame review... apologies) spoke to MTV News (via Digital Spy) about his recent success.

"You start off and you just want to be working, so jobbing actors, you're already thankful for that opportunity. To be in this position that I'm in now, it's ridiculous," he added, "Somebody pull the plug on me now. I have to say I'm blessed. When I started out when I was 17, this was the pinnacle, to be working with people that I find inspiring, [that] I can learn from. It's a very privileged position." The actor, who had shone in 300 previously, still believes that it was Hunger that really launched him, "Steve McQueen gave me an opportunity, a possibility to show some sort of capability in my profession. It was coming at a point when we were about to go into a recession. That was going to affect this business as much as any business - less jobs for less actors," he explained. For him to take a risk on an unknown in a lead role, it changed my life, really. From that, I had all these amazing experiences with Andrea Arnold, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, Cary Fukunaga, David Cronenberg [and] Ridley Scott."

Fassbender is being linked with pretty much every high profile leading man role going at the moment, and may very well be Robocop if the stars align.