Michael Fassbender has joined the dream cast of Brendan Gleeson's directorial debut, At-Swim-Two-Birds, reports Screen Daily.  

Fassbender joins Gleeson (who will also be appearing) Colin Farrell, Gabriel Byrne, Cillian Murphy and Domhnall Gleeson in the complex book adaptation. The story follows a "teenage student who populates his creative writing with important characters from his own life." Gleeson has been developing the project for some time, and seems now to be finally getting things moving along at a proper pace. Shooting is now scheduled to start in early 2012.

Gleeson's excellent latest film, The Guard, just bowed to a huge €500,000 opening weekend in Ireland, putting it on par with the likes of Michael Collins and proving that he's not just a brilliant actor, but a box office draw with the right material.