In today's slightly bizarre movie news, Michael Bay was on the set of Transformers 4 in Hong Kong minding his own business when he was attacked by two brothers.

A police spokeswoman revealed to Reuters that after demanding HK$100,000 (almost €10,000) the brothers attacked Bay leaving him with facial injuries. THREE police officers were also injured in the dispute.

It is not known why they wanted the money but, I dunno, maybe they just wanted to be in the movie and were showing off their mad skillz? Regardless, the younger of the two was arrested on suspicion of blackmail and assault, while his partner in crime was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Bay declined medical attention like a boss, and filming continued soon after. The show must go on!

We wonder if Irish actor and fine young thing Jack Raynor (What Richard Did) was around? He's starring in the fourth Transformers installment alongside Mark Wahlberg.