Considering how the press screening for this is one day before its release, and the review embargo only lifted today, you can probably guess how 'Men In Black International' was going to go down.

The soft reboot of the 'Men In Black' franchise sees Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as two new MIB agents, replacing Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, facing a new intergalactic threat to humanity. As you'd expect, the reviews are less than stellar and currently has a 33% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

IndieWire's review claimed that it "burrows into a tunnel of airless set pieces, none of which leave much of an impression," and that the movie "aims to erase any memory that you’ve seen all this before, but only leaves you with the hazy sense of deja vu, and the lingering conviction that the last time was a whole lot better."

EW, meanwhile, singled out director F. Gary Gray and how he "reduces his leads’ chemistry into action heroics," and described 'Men In Black International' in general as "a terrible reboot." It wasn't all bad, however, as Empire Magazine awarded it three stars and called it "more than enough goofy fun to save you reaching for the neuralyzer."

We'll have our own review live on site this weekend, but until now, let's all remind ourselves how good the original was with this little clip.