Yeah, you read that right, it's a return from the dead for '90s boybands N'Sync and Backstreet Boys as they come together to bring us a...western zombie movie for some reason.

Nick Carter is a Backstreet Boy with more than just an ability to sing, as he's writing, starring in and directing Dead Seven, a Western zombie movie. He's not alone in the project though, as it will be starring one of his other bandmates A.J. McClean, and they will be doing their part to heal the rifts of the past as Joey Fatone of N'Sync will also feature. 

The team behind Sharknado are apparently also behind this particular picture, which is unlikely to take itself too seriously as a result, and will be broadcast on the SyFy channel. Fatone and Carter will play good guys, while McClean will stick true to the bad boy character he developed throughout the '90s and be a bad guy. 

They announced the venture at Comic-Con over the weekend and speaking to BuzzFeed, Joey Fatone said that the project would be a sort of "therapy" for the guys, and that they were never really rivals, that was something entirely created by the media.

Hopefully, Justin Timberlake makes a cameo and/or provides the entire soundtrack with songs from his back catalogue that are slightly adjusted for the movie, like 'Cry Me a Zombie River' or 'Rock Your Zombie Body'. 'What Goes Around Comes Back Around' makes sense as it is.

Via Mashable