Two of the funniest women working in film today? Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, hands down. Sandra stole our hearts while demonstrating her ass-kicking comedy chops in Miss Congeniality while Melissa earned herself an Oscar nod after portraying a character who finds herself struck down by a bad case of explosive diarrhea (atop a fancy restroom sink, complete with marble finish, I might add) in Bridesmaids. Talk about commitment to your craft.

The two come together under Universal Pictures' umbrella for The Heat. Here, Bullock reprises her role as a cop once again, however this time, as opposed to her role in Miss Congeniality, it's in reverse. She starts out prim and proper and winds up cursing and busting caps in bad guys' asses. And as for McCarthy, well she always tends to play the tough-bitch kinda role. Bridesmaids, This is 40.

When the issue of women in comedy was raised at The Heat press conference yesterday, the two actors commented on the archaic notion that women would be considered less funny than men: "When the crazy thing years ago was like, 'Women aren't funny,' I thought, 'What cave do you live in?'"said McCarthy, while Bullock added:

"Uncensoring women has I think led to more fun on screen... 'Bridesmaids' felt like it had absolutely no censorship... It didn’t say women only speak like this, women should behave like was just these funny people having awkward life moments and I think it takes the sex out of it."

We had no interest in making [a movie about] two wacky cops that are bad at their job and they’re fighting over lipstick in the car," McCarthy said.