First it was the McConnaissance, but now it's the Gibsonaissance and it's happening right now before our very eyes.

It began with Mel Gibson receiving a twelve-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival, the goodwill followed through to the Oscars where he's received a number of nominations - including Best Director and Best Picture - and now, it is complete with an offer for a major studio comedy.

Sunrise, sunset.

THR reports that Paramount has offered Gibson a leading role in Daddy's Home 2, the follow-up to the comedy vehicle that starred Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in 2015. Much like the first one, Gibson will play the alpha male grandfather alá Mark Wahlberg whilst John Lithgow plays the more laidback, relaxed type that WIll Ferrell played in the original.

It's a good pairing, as both of them have excellent comedic chops - who didn't love Third Rock From The Sun, like? - so it makes sense to put them both together. Considering how Gibson was pushed off the set of The Hangover, Part II by the cast, this is definitely a turning point for him.

Putting him in an audience-friendly, middle-of-the-road comedy like this is essentially the major studios acknowledging that he's back in the fold. However, Gibson has stated that his next film to direct will be a follow-up to The Passion Of The Christ.

It's not yet known when The Professor And The Madman - which is currently filming in Ireland - will be released, but it's likely that it'll be released before Daddy's Home 2.