In Alex Holdridge’s In Search of a Midnight Kiss, the writer-director explored the connection between two people over a New Year’s Eve. Now, Holdridge and co-director Linnea Saasen set their focus on the maintenance of love.

Anderson (Holdridge) is a writer-filmmaker whose career and life have stalled. Anderson finds himself waxing nostalgic about a brief tryst he had with Lina (Saasen), a beautiful Norwegian dancer, years ago in Montenegro. Seeking distraction, he visits friends in Berlin and unexpectedly runs into Lina. Their attraction at first fills them with joy. But things are not so simple, and the question of what’s more important, their love or their careers, will have to be resolved.

The film’s themes may seem lofty, but Holdridge and Saasen wrap them in a down-to-earth package of charm, wit and observation. Movie characters are often concerned with finding love; the couples in Meet Me in Montenegro wrestle with the challenge of keeping it alive.

Jane Schoettle
Toronto International Film Festival


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