Matthew McConaughey seems to have realised that his once prosperous looking career has become a bit of a joke. So he's apparently lost Kate Hudson's phone number and is making proper films.

His latest film, The Lincoln Lawyer will be out next week (we won't have a review until day of release because of a shoddy distributor), and he'll then star in the heavy sounding drama, Dallas Buyers Club. The film has been struggling to get made for a decade, with Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling both attached at points. It centres on a man with Aids who is told he has six months to live. But when he smuggles medication into the country, he ends up living for six years - and passes the drugs on to others who need it. McConaughey told The Los Angeles Times, "It's not the sort of movie studios are throwing money at these days," before adding that it had "a great script and a great story, and I think it can be a great movie." The Young Victoria helmer Jean Marc Vallee will call the shots.

He's a charismatic guy, and a decent actor; hopefully his new career path works a bit better than the last one.