As a fan of New Girl, (more so Max Greenfield's hilarious Schmidt than Zooey Deschanel's grating Jess) it comes as welcome news to hear the Schmidtmeister would be up for the role of Christian Grey should an opportunity arise. If you watch him on the Fox TV show, you'll agree that he's probably the furthest thing away from Christian Grey; 'smooth' is not a word in Schmidt's vocabulary. Rather, Jess's housemate lounges around in his kimono, freaking out about hygeine and saying things like 'airps' for airport. Having said that, that's all I've seen him in. Maybe the real Max Greenfield is more, erm, erotic. He's certainly got the looks.

Anyway, Greenfield is the latest in a long line of actors to be linked to the role for Fifty Shades of Grey. Justin Bieber was the last but we'll skirt past that notion fairly sharpish. This comes after Greenfield joked that he would strip down to his birthday suit for the role. Telling E! News that he'd happily go full frontal, Greenfield said: "Yeah, that's not a problem... That's not the issue. It's the issue of whether they want to see that much intensity onscreen, because that's what I plan to bring."

Oh Schmidt, you charming devil.

As reported by Digital Spy, the author E.L James is remaining very tight lipped about who she would like to see take on the role.