Matthew McConaughey is riding the cusp of an extremely credible career resurgence. After a decade or so of starring in complete muck, he's back with a one-two punch of Magic Mike and Killer Joe. Now he's "excited" about the return of another character - his lawman from The Lincoln Lawyer.

He told about the possibility of a sequel, "Man, I hope so. The update is I wish I knew more. The update is I wish I had that second script in my hand already and could have opinions on it and pass on notes. If that next script is [good] - and they are working on it, it’s being written - I would love to get in Mickey Haller’s shoes again. And that’s probably, of all the characters I’ve done, the one I’m most excited about - if it’s good, if the script’s good - of carrying on as a character."

The new movie would apparently work novels The Brass Verdict and The Reversal into the storyline. Bryan Cranston's cop would have a much bigger role this time out.