Another comic book adaptation looks to be on the way with news that Lost star Matthew Fox is in line to play Billy Smoke, a hitman who is nearly killed on a job and then sets about killing every other assassin on planet. Sounds like it has massive potential to be an action-fest - even if it could be the first cousin of the just-hit Wanted. When a relatively original film hits big, inevitably the copycats follow hoping to cash in, and the big opening bow of Wanted has once again proven this to be true. Fox isn’t a bad actor by any means (despite that hilarious put down in Knocked Up), but he’s failed to shine in some paper thin roles on the big screen with Speed Racer and Vantage Point failing to set the world alight. Vantage Point made good money, but he was in it for about four minutes, and quite frankly they weren’t a great four minutes. No director is yet attached to the Billy Smoke project.