Good Will Hunting star Matt Damon has vowed to help Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama get elected in any way he can - even if that means going on the road campaigning for him. Damon is such a staunch supporter of the Illinois senator that he's due to arrive in Florida, a crucial swing state, this weekend to work with the Obama campaign. Damon was quoted in the press earlier last month as saying that it would be "absurd" if GOP candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin were elected. Damon is due to fly to Morocco in the coming days for a film shoot but has said he'll maintain contact with the Obama campaign and help in any way he can. "I'm sure I'll be on the phone over there after filming every night. I'll do telephone interviews or whatever they'll have me do. I want to sprint to the finish with the millions of us who really have been desperate for this change", said Damon. I can think of worse guys than Jason Bourne to be watching your back, Barack.