Whether it's a part of his contract or the fact that he keeps up an insanely good cardio routine, you can't really have a movie with the Cruiser without having him run.

However, a statistical analysis by Rotten Tomatoes has found that the greater the distance Tom Cruise runs in his movies, the more likely the movie is to succeed critically and commercially. The breakdown worked by assuming Cruise runs a six-minute mile and an estimated distance in each movie. 

They then grouped his movies together into four categories - ranging from not running at all to running over 1 thousand feet - and averaged out both the global box office and Tomatometer score for each category. The results clearly speak for themselves. When Cruise doesn't run in a movie, it tends to do less well both critically and commercially compared to movies where he runs farther and faster.

In fact, the average global box office almost quadrupled from the lowest to the highest amount of running whilst the Tomatometer average increased by 8%. Given how 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' features Cruise running for most of the movie, it makes sense that we gave it five stars because, let's face it, the maths of it make sense.

'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' is currently in Irish cinemas.