We reported a few weeks ago that he was interested and now it's been confirmed that Martin Scorsese is in the director's chair and the production offically green-lit for the adaptation of Jo Nesbo's Scandinavian novel, The Snowman.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that it will be the great director's next film, where he'll tackle the story of detective Harry Hole, who searches for a serial killer who leaves a possible victims scarf wrapped around an "ominous" looking snowman. The book that Scorsese will be working on is the seventh in the series, and will portray Hole as a good cop, but a chain smoker and borderline alcoholic. I can't find an age for the character having not read the books, but strangely, it would seem that Daniel Craig would be good casting - if Scorsese decided he didn't wanna work with old mucker Robert De Niro. Am I wrong? 

I'm actually contemplating reading it - the novel sounds great. The last time Scorsese tackled a true straight up thriller it was Cape Fear. Shutter Island is still one of his most fun movies, though, and it's obvious he enjoyed making it. I did the junket for it, but only had the pleasure of listening to Scorsese do a press conference and his enthusiasm for cinema is still infectious. Can't wait for this to come together