For the first time in his career Mark Wahlberg is battling it out for roles with the DiCaprio's and Matt Damon's of this world, with those names being mentioned in the same breath. The Fighter brought him immense credibility in Hollywood, and now the actor is re-teaming with the director of his next film, Contraband, Baltasar Kormákur for the action thriller 2 Guns.

According to, via Variety, the story is based on a graphic novel, and centres on a rogue DEA agent and an undercover naval intelligence officer assigned to investigate each other. Sounds almost Departed-like. Wahlberg's Fighter director David O. Russell was initially attached to helm the film and penned the most recent draft of the screenplay.

Contraband looks stylish as hell and a lot of fun. But so did Max Payne. Wahlberg can play this type of hardman in his sleep, though - if Kormákur delivers the goods visually it should be fun.