Margot Robbie admits the sex scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' were the 'least romantic thing'.

The 23-year-old actress plays blonde beauty Noami Lapaglia in the upcoming Martin Scorsese movie, who gets caught up in a steamy moment with the 39-year-old hunk's alter-ego, Jordan Belfort, but she insists filming it wasn't as scandalous as it seems.

She said: 'The whole thing ended up being quite comical.'

The kinky scene involves the pair in bed together while there's a barking dog standing at the end of the frame, nipping at DiCaprio's feet, but Margot admits shooting it didn't go according to plan and the whole room ended up smelling like animal food.

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, she explained: 'We [had to] entice this dog to jump in the bed and bite at Leo's feet .?.?. so we had dog trainers at the end of the bed [with] dog treats .?.?. we're putting chicken liver on Leo's toes. We're in a small room, it's hot, it's sweaty, it smells like dog food.'

Meanwhile, DiCaprio recently shot down reports that he was using a body double for the naked scenes.

He said earlier this week: 'It's all me, pal.

'Look, when you do a character like this, you have to go all out. You can't pull any punches. You have to swing for the fences. Hopefully people enjoy it.'