Marc Webb directed my favourite movie of 2010, (500) Days of Summer, and was quickly snapped up to helm the Spider-Man reboot by Sony. The new trailer just debuted, and Webb has been talking about some of the intricacies involved with the production. Speaking to Collider at Cinema Con he eloquently said,

"I was always a Spider-Man fan, but I was a bigger Peter Parker fan than Spider-Man fan. When you see the movie, I don’t think anybody will be worried about the emotional part of it. There is an incredibly innocent and tender quality to Peter Parker. He’s not a billionaire. He’s not an alien. He’s a kid. He doesn’t have money. He has trouble with the people that raised him, and he has trouble talking to girls. There’s that intense relatability, which is all through the movie. That access point is a texture that was really intuitive. It’s just something I love in movies, particularly that romantic dimension. It’s something I’m very familiar with. The interpersonal relationships that Peter Parker has are so simple and so domestic that it’s a very fun dichotomy to play that big, massive spectacle alongside those very small moments. In a very real way, there’s a small, intimate little indie movie at the heart of Spider-Man. That was my access point."

The Amazing Spider-Man is released in Ireland, and around the globe, on June 30th.