Marc Webb is officially the man that will reboot Spider-Man for Sony and Marvel, according to reports this morning. The (500) Days of Summer director was a frontrunner from the start, along with names like James Cameron and David Fincher. But realistically, Sony was never going to bag established helmers of that calibre with such a short time to do preproduction.

Webb is very much a director on the up after a really wonderful debut, while he also has a lovely, subtle visual style. A clearly humbled Webb said: "This is a dream come true and I couldn't be more aware of the challenge, responsibility, or opportunity. Sam Raimi's virtuoso rendering of Spider-Man is a humbling precedent to follow and build upon"

According to reports it will still see Peter Parker go back to high school, which is slightly annoying as I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a great Spider-Man - if he wasn't the wrong side of 25. The budget for the reboot with be $80 million, down considerably from the $250 - $300 million that the third film cost.