Although it would be brilliant casting, Mad Men and The Town star Jon Hamm has denied reports linking him with a new Superman movie, to be produced by Christopher Nolan.

The actor was asked on the daytime show, Regis and Kelly, about recent internet rumours of him donning the blue and red tights, and responded that it was "one of those internet things that gets out of hand." But he's also more than open to the prospect of headlining the film and said "if the powers that be are thinking that, I'd like them to get in touch with me."

Hamm just co-starred in another Warners Bros. production The Town, which is sitting proudly atop the American box-office. That won't do his chances any harm. Hey, Chris Nolan, how about getting Ben Affleck to direct while you do your producing thing with Don Draper starring!? Stranger things have happened.

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