There's no escaping the worrying trends of illegal movie downloading; it's prevalent, it's lazy and it sure as hell isn't right. In today's easy-access digital world, however, is there anything really stopping us from such unlawful media consumption? Well if you cast aside the rules, there's an awful lot to be said for popcorn-in-hand, comfy seats and a dark auditorium cinematic experience. Furthermore, if you really would rather stay at home and enjoy your favourite films from the comfort of your couch, it's really all about quality. It's all about magical movie moments in all their HD glory that really are worth paying for. And it's about respect.

Rather than go down the disappointed teacher route, our pals over at Love Movies would rather focus on the positives that paying for your media can bring, with a really inspiring campaign. With a behind the scenes video from Warner Brothers' forthcoming The Lego Movie, Love Movies make apparent the incredible work and craftmanship that goes into proucing such a film, creating moments worth spending a dime or two on.

Encouraging film fans to choose official film, this trailer aims "to shine a light on the thousands of talented and dedicated professionals behind the animated feature film in an effort to inspire audiences to respect and value official film, TV and video content. It also reminds audiences it takes millions of animated bricks to assemble such a movie experience worth paying for. The trailer directs audiences to, a website that aims to celebrate Irish audiences who enjoy cinema and always choose official film across formats, all above board."

Running across cinemas, digital, online and social media, the 30-second trailer is the tenth in the Industry Trust's successful Moments Worth Paying For campaign. Now two years old, the campaign continues to have a substantial impact on audiences. Independent tracking research by ICM in August 2013 revealed that those audiences exposed to the campaign were significantly more likely to pay for official film and TV than those not exposed to it.

Liz Bales, Director General at Industry Trust for IP Awareness said: "We're delighted to be working with Warner Bros Pictures again as we continue to evolve and refine our Moments Worth Paying For campaign. It's great to work on a title that reaches both young people and parents - two audience groups that are very important to us as they continue to migrate online. It's crucial that, as an industry, we are connecting them with legal services, making it easy to choose to pay for official content."