Since finishing up Love / Hate, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor's been building himself a nice little filmography with supporting roles alongside Bryan Cranston in The Infiltrator and, more recently, Jim Sheridan's adaptation of The Secret Scripture.

However, if these set photos are to be believed, it looks like Nidge has scored himself a role in one of the biggest tentpole movies of the decade - namely, Avengers: Infinity War. The photos show a man who looks an awful lot like Vaughn-Lawlor attacking Benedict Cumberbatch, who's fully dressed as Doctor Strange. Vaughn-Lawlor, meanwhile, is wearing a mo-cap suit with the halo thing to capture his facial expressions mid-fight.

We've checked IMDb and there's no sign of any Infinity War on his profile, but these photos are pretty recent so it's quite possible that set security and so on is preventing it from being updated. Unsurprisingly, there's no word on who Vaughn-Lawlor is playing either. We've contacted Vaughn-Lawlor's Irish agents for an answer, but so far nothing has been confirmed so take this with a pinch of salt. We also contacted his UK agents, who could neither confirm nor deny the story either.

Here's a selection of set photos we've found on Twitter, and you can see all the original photos here. Does it look like Nidge to you? 'Cos it sure does look like him to us.


Via Twitter