At this stage, we just want this story to be over.

It looks as though Sony is biting the bullet and pressing ahead with a release of The Interview.

Despite a firm statement to the contrary a few days ago, they now appear to be opting for a much smaller release.

The film will be screened for ONE DAY - that's right, Christmas Day - in arthouse cinema chain Alamo in the US, with the film being simultaneously being released on VOD.

The VOD platforms, i.e. Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, have not yet been announced although an official confirmation is expected in the next day or two.

The Interview's smaller release comes on foot of massive outcry by both the general public and film industry players, such as Judd Apatow, Steve Martin and many more.

President Barack Obama even weighed in, saying that it was a mistake for Sony to pull the film from release.

As for an Irish release, we couldn't reach Sony for comment, although an answer should be expected in the New Year.


via Indiewire