Shrek was one of those animated films that started off great and, sure enough, became more and more jaded as time went on.

By the fourth one - Shrek Forever After - things were getting more than a little predictable and, as well as that, they were relying on 3D to sell the whole thing. Still, Shrek is - believe it or not - the highest-grossing animated franchise of all time and is the 12th highest-grossing franchise - animated or otherwise - of all time.

Needless to say, it was never going to stay dormant for long. As part of a major deal between Comcast / NBC Universal and the acquisition of DreamWorks Animation, Shrek is now going to be resurrected with the plan to crank out FOUR Shrek films per year. That's right. Four Shrek films. Per year.

Four. Count them.

Chris Meledandri, who currently runs Minions juggernaut Illumination Studios, will be given full creative control over Shrek to shape into an ungodly image akin to his previous creation. Or not, who knows. The announcement also touched upon the possibility of turning Shrek into a major theme park attraction, which is where all the money goes nowadays.

This, coupled with the major merchandising opportunities, means that Shrek will pounded down your throat for the next five to six years until you literally vomit green.

Fun times, kids!


Via Deadline