The Big Lebowski is, for us anyway, the Coen Brothers' greatest comedy and one could argue their best work across their storied career.

It's got all the essential elements of a great Coen Brothers' film. A quirky, brilliant script. A strong central performance. Expertly chosen music to blend around key scenes. And, more importantly, it's got John Turturro in it.

Playing Jesus Quintana, a Mexican (possibly?) bowling bowler with a penchant for Gypsy Kings and... eh... eight year olds (thanks to the Church of Dudeism's Facebook page for clocking our various errors), Turturro's expletive-leaden scenes in The Big Lebowski are one of the film's many highlights.

There's been rumours swirling for years that the Coens were working on a follow-up to The Big Lebowski, or even possibly a standalone film about Jesus Quintana.

Now, there's been something along the lines of a confirmation by John Turturro himself. Speaking in a recent interview, the actor let slip that his next film has "some sort of connection to The Big Lebowski" and then quickly hushed up about it.

It's an interesting prospect for the Coen Brothers to return and make a sequel to one of their films. You could argue that the Fargo TV series is a sequel or continuation of sorts, however they're not directly involved in it beyond acting as executive producers.

Turturro mentioned at a recent film festival a good few months ago that he's actively seeking permission to make a Jesus Quintana-centered film, so we're guessing the process has moved further along.

It's entirely possible that Turturro may even direct it himself, as he's directing five films so far; his latest being Fading Gigolo which he also starred in.

We know that Turturro's last film with the Coens was all the way back in 2000 for O, Brother Where Art Thou and we know that he's not listed in the iMDB credits for Hail, Caesar either.

There's nothing official beyond this, but it's pretty cool to think of the Coens' returning to The Big Lebowski's world - or, indeed, going back into that world after so many years.

Here's a little snifter to remind you of just how good Turturro and the film was.



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