Although we're still a long way away from anything close to an official confirmation, we've been able to verify a few things about that casting call for Aladdin that's doing the rounds.

The original pitch poster - seen below - was distributed by Cindy Tolan, who is a legitimate casting director who is known for finding inexperienced or first-time actors. She previously worked on Straight Outta Compton and was instrumental in finding unknown actors for lead roles.

She also worked on Derek Cianfrance's Place Beyond The Pines and others, and has a strong resume in TV work. Most people - ourselves included - were dubious about the poster as major studio films, especially ones like this, often keep key aspects of the story under wraps.

In this instance, naming Guy Ritchie as the director seemed very unlikely as he was rumoured but not confirmed for quite some time. However, we've been able to determine that the poster originated from Cindy Tolan's own Twitter account and, going by previous posts there and her record, we think this is a genuine - if cheap-looking - casting call poster.

So, Guy Ritchie directing Aladdin for Disney. That's... something.

More interesting, however, is that Disney is actively looking for unknowns for the role and are keen to cast Arabic actors and actresses in key parts. The live-action version of Mulan has already confirmed that they're seeking Asian actors and actresses, particularly those from mainland China, for lead roles and are keen to seek out new talent for it.

So, if you're of Middle Eastern descent and can sing or dance, get in touch.


Via Twitter