It actually is remarkable just how well Colin Firth slipped into the role of knife-wielding, gun-toting super-secret agent in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Sure, the whole film was daft as all hell - but it was funny and stupid and made us laugh and isn't that all you can ask for from a gentle homage to Roger Moore-era Bond? Anyway, Colin Firth's time on Kingsman culminated with a brilliant, five-minute long action sequence where he went beserk and fought his way through an orgy of violence in a Southern US church.

It's a pretty damn incredible scene and, according to Matthew Vaughn, was the basis for casting Firth. Simply put, if he couldn't complete this scene, Firth wasn't in. And, as you'll see below, he was more than equal to the task.

Of course, as we know for those who saw it, Firth met a pretty grisly end right after that scene ended and that, as we thought, was that.

There were rumours here and there that Colin Firth was returning - but nothing substantial and, besides, he died. Now, however, there appears to be something much more than just rumours as this was posted from Taron Egerton's Twitter account today.


Yup, Colin Firth is back. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set for a 2017 release and will see Egerton square off against Julieanne Moore as the villain and Halle Berry as, well, we're not sure on that. Mark Strong, meanwhile, is slated to return as Merlin and so to, obviously, is Taron Egerton.


Via Twitter