An interesting choice, to say the least.

There’s been no shortage of car movies in recent years (just the EIGHT Fast and Furious installments so far) but it would appear we’re about to get another.

According to Deadline, James Mangold is slated to helm a 20th Century Fox movie detailing the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in the 1960’s.

It follows a team of ‘determined and eccentric’ American Ford engineers and their quest to win the 1966 Le Mans World Championship ahead of their great rivals.

While details are still scarce, one thing we do know about the Ford v’s Ferrari project is that there won’t be any after post-credit scenes. Mangold recently described the comic book movie favourite as “fucking embarrassing” at a Writers Guild Association panel.

"It means you couldn't land your f**king movie, is what it means. Even if you got 100,000 Twitter addicts who are gambling on what f**king scene is going to happen after the f**king credits, it's still cheating.”

Jaysus. Tell us how you really feel, James.

Via: Deadline