It's hard to even feign enthusiasm when I scribe the following headline: Shane Warne and Elizabeth Hurley's lives are to be made into a movie. Oscar winning stuff, no doubt. I know what you're thinking: Liz Hurley's a bad enough actress on screen herself (seriously have you SEEN her in Gossip Girl), how bad could another actress acting as Liz Hurley be? Well a lot worse, I imagine.

Thankfully, the former cricketer's sporting exploits and his off-field romance with Austin Powers' star will be immortalised in a movie for TV, not for the big screen.

Who came up with this God awful idea stroke of genius? Australia's Channel 9, it would appear. They're planning on making it for Aussie TV with the hopes that it could also be exported over to the UK following the success of 'Howzat!' which was a miniseries loosely based on Shane's life that apparently did well. Have you seen it? Me neither. There's also been a stage production, Shane Warne: The Musical. Am I missing something here? What makes him so interesting?

This project is already well under way and casting is currently their main priority. Who will play Shane? Who will play Liz? Who will play Simone Callahan, the other-woman-ex-wife with whom Shane has three kids?

Apparently, as per the movie's casting agent: 'There's a huge amount of potential there... But finding the right actors is key because these are characters that much of the Australian public have grown up with.'

Nicola Charles is rumoured to be considered for the role of Elizabeth.