Does anyone remember Jonny Quest, or the '90s follow-up The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest?

For us, it had one of the best opening theme tunes for a cartoon. Seriously. The only thing better than this was the opener for Batman: The Animated Series.

Don't believe us? Get a load of this.

Random trivia time! Robert Patrick, who was T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, voiced Race Bannon, the totally heterosexual companion to Dr. Benton Quest, in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

And the voice of the original Jonny Quest? Tim Matheson. You may know him as Vice President John Hoynes in The West Wing or Dr. Brick Breeland from Hart of Dixie or, if you're of a certain vintage, Otter from Animal House.

Anyway, as you'd expect because this is mainstream cinema, there's a live-action version on the way.

Robert Rodriguez, who you may know from directing Antonio Banderas' greatest performance in Desperado and the, eh, Spy Kids franchise, has signed on to write / direct a live-action version of Jonny Quest.

No release date has been set nor has casting taken place yet, although we'd expect a few announcements to be sent out in the next month or two.

Can we start fan-casting? Great. We're thinking Dylan O'Brien for Jonny Quest,  Tim Matheson to have a cameo as Dr. Benton Quest and Dermot Mulroney as Race Bannon. Bella Thorne would be perfect as Jessie Bannon, Race's daughter. Let's just hope they actually go with an Indian actor for Hadji, eh?


Via Variety