Christopher Nolan's collaborations with Hans Zimmer have resulted in some of the most iconic pieces of movie music.

The Dark Knight and its Kraftwerk-inspired synths, Interstellar's soaring organ riffs, even the Inception air-horn sound - they've all become as familiar as the characters and setpieces in the film themselves, and it sounds like Dunkirk will be no exception.

The first track from Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for Dunkirk has made its way online and it sounds like something from a chase sequence from a horror film, and no doubt speaks to the huge tension that'll play out on screen. The track is pretty lengthy too, clocking in at a little over eight minutes.

Here's the full soundtrack list. Dunkirk hits Irish cinemas on July 21st.

-The Mole

-We Need Our Army Back

-Shivering Soldier

-Supermarine (8:03)

-The Tide

-Regimental Brothers



-The Oil

-Variation 15 (Dunkirk)

-End Titles