Lilly Wachowski, formerly known as Andy Wachowski, penned an open letter yesterday for Chicago's Windy Times in which she confirmed that she was a transgender woman.

Ms. Wachowski, who's one half of the Wachowski filmmaking duo that created The Matrix, Netflix's Sense8 and eh... Jupiter Ascending, wrote the letter in response to the Daily Mail announcing the details before she could.

Lilly's letter explains that she was door-stepped by someone from the Daily Mail just the other day, however the news had almost gotten out before from other tabloid publications in the past.

In fact, most LGBT organisations strongly condemn the outing of a transgender person before they're ready to tell their own story. Lilly's sister, Lana Wachowski, also transitioned back in 2012 following tabloid investigations in her private life.

Lilly's open letter slammed the Daily Mail's track record of handling transgender issues, citing the case of Lucy Meadows. An excerpt from the letter reads:

"After he (the Daily Mail journalist) had given me his card, and I closed the door it began to dawn on me where I had heard of the Daily Mail. It was the "news" organization that had played a huge part in the national public outing of Lucy Meadows, an elementary school teacher and trans woman in the UK. An editorial in the 'not-a-tabloid' demonized her as a damaging influence on the children's delicate innocence and summarized "he's not only trapped in the wrong body, he's in the wrong job." The reason I knew about her wasn't because she was transgender it was because three months after the Daily Mail article came out, Lucy committed suicide."

The letter goes on, explaining that Lilly Wachowski is out to her friends, family and most of her colleagues, saying "everyone is cool with it."

You can read her letter in full here.