If you're a fan of '70s Kung Fu films like Way of the Dragon or The Young Master or even the more recent stuff like Once Upon A Time In China II, you're in luck.

DIFF Pix is teaming up with Lighthouse Cinema for a three-day battle royale of some of the best in martial arts movies. The season, which is curated by Roger Garcia of the Hong Kong Film Festival, will run from Friday September 25th to the 27th at the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin.

The season will kick off with a live martial arts demonstration from the Hombju Dojo Karate with Sensei - they actually use that word, y'know - Scott Langley.

You can pick up tickets for €11 from DIFF.ie and that'll cover you for the three days.

Here's the running order in full:

Fri 25th Sept

Martial Arts Demo - Smithfield Square - 16.30 with Sensei Scott Langley and Hombu Dojo Karate

Once Upon a Time in China II - Lighthouse 1 - 20.15

Sat 26th Sept

Duel to Death (Followed by a talk by Roger Garcia, HKIFF) - Lighthouse 2 - 15.00

Spooky Encounters - Lighthouse 2 - 20.00

Sun 27th Sept

Righting Wrongs - Lighthouse 3 - 15.00

The Young Master - Lighthouse 1 - 17.00

Way of the Dragon - Lighthouse 1 - 19.00