You know the way every Irish person goes away on holidays ANYWHERE and ends up saying 'nobody gets us' or has the same level of craic? That's because we are an odd but bizarrely wonderful breed who have formed our own weird sense of humour from all our years alone on a little island, making us equal amounts of lovable and eccentric. Irish film director Lance Daley (Kisses) brings us a film that will shower you in all the shambolic hilarity of everyday Ireland with the out coming picture Life's A Breeze.

Starring Pat Shortt, Fionnula Flanagan and Brian Gleeson, you don't even really need to know what it's about to know it's worth seeing, do you? Just to humour you though, we'll give you some hints. Life's A Breeze confronts the recession and get's some giggles out of it. Think The Guard mixed with many a Shorttism. Unemployed slacker Colm (Pat Shortt), his aging mother Nan (Fionnula Flanagan) and his niece Emma (Kelly Thornton) must overcome their many differences to lead their family in a race against time to find a lost fortune.

All you really need to know is the cast and the tagline;“THIS COUNTRY IS BOLLOX€D”. Premiering at the Galway Film Fleadh and with a confirmed Irish release date for July 19th, we're lepping out of our seats to see it, you?