Liam Neeson is deadly. Sorry, I realise that is a phrase not very becoming of a film critic, but damn if he just doesn't ooze manly presence. Which, in fairness, he has been putting to good use in the latter part of his film career.

The Irishman who just kicked ass, looked ponderous, and was generally ace in The Grey most recently, will next headline the Joel Silver produced action flick, "Non-Stop." I have to say, I love that title; it's a marketing departments wet dream. Anyhow, the flick will centre on Neeson's Air Marshall, dealing with some sh*t going down on a domestic US flight. That's all we know so far. But c'mon, look at that title; someone is getting slapped - a lot.

Jeff Wadlow, who directed the soemtimes fun, but veeeeery stupid MMA flick Never Back Down is calling the shots here.