There had been rumours that Taken 2 was going to happen without Liam Neeson, but those rumours have just been beaten like a pretty inmate during his first shower in the joint. are saying that Neeson had planned to take the rest of the year off after completing work on the Clash of the Titans sequel, which caused producer, Luc Besson, to look at other names. Those names apparently included Ralph Fiennes, Mickey Rourke, Ray Winstone, Sean Bean and Jason Isaacs. A couple of those guys could've worked, but none of have the Irish actors formidable presence - so it's good news that a deal has been reached for him to come back to star in another film.

The original was a huge, surprise hit at the box-office; Neeson has commented that he initially thought it'd go straight to DVD. It's awful, really really awful but good god is it fun. Transporter 3 director, Olivier Megaton is looking likely to direct.