Considering their past collaborations have yielded the likes of Michael Collins and Breakfast on Pluto, it's hard not to get excited at the prospect of Liam Neeson and Neil Jordan working on a new project together. 

The Trainer, will see Neeson star as John Moore, a top class horse trainer living in the west of Ireland who loses everything as a result of a tragedy. A period of self imposed exile follows before he's coaxed back into the equestrian world by a combination of a teenage refugee in need and a horse called Annabelle. 

It will be nice to see Neeson in a hard hitting drama again after spending the majority of the last decade punching people. That's not to say we'd be averse to him punching people in this either. 

The film will be produced by Arthur Lappin (In America), Todd Komarnicki, Robin Gurland and Gregory O’Connor. 

Via Deadline